Freedom to be Connected and Productive Wherever You Are

Given the immediacy of business demands, you can’t be out of touch when away from your desk. Now you can free your office desktop phone–with its associated privileges, preferences and features–to follow you anywhere within reach of an IP or cellular connection. Place, receive and manage calls and messages on secure wireless handsets, on your smartphone, or on PCs and laptops equipped for voice calls.

At Toshiba, we often define mobility by where you can go with it but also by how much you can take with you when you go. And we provide mobility options for a broad range of needs and budgets. With Toshiba’s mobility solutions, users can: „

  • Roam anywhere in the building with high-quality cordless digital telephones. „
  • Use their desktop phone features across the campus with wireless SIP DECT phones
  • Use their Toshiba phone system features anywhere within the reach of an IP connection. „
  • Use Apple® or Android™ smartphones as Toshiba phone system extensions. „
  • Synchronize cell phones and desktop phones to be reached with only one number. „
  • Use a Wi-Fi®-equipped laptop or notebook to place and receive calls, integrated with your contacts lists

Even if the office is at home today, a hotel tomorrow and a coffee shop the next day, colleagues and customers can interact with you just as if you were in the office. With Toshiba mobility solutions, your physical location is seamless.

Off-Premise Mobility

Over Secure IP Connections With Toshiba mobility solutions, users can stay connected from anywhere you can access your company’s WLAN via the Internet. Connect using a smartphone, or a wireless IP telephone, or a PC/laptop equipped to perform as an IP softphone. This is more than being able to place and receive calls at home or on the road. It’s about securely extending the reach of advanced telephone system features anywhere within the reach of an IP connection.

Use your Apple or Android smartphone as a business phone extension.Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.49.03 PM

Download a free app to have your smartphone do double duty as an extension of Toshiba’s on-premise IP telephone systems and cloudbased telephone solutions. You can place and receive calls from your Apple® iOS or Android™ smartphone, without showing your mobile phone number. See the status of colleagues and enjoy the ease of visual voice mail, instant messaging and group instant messaging.

Have your identity on the Toshiba phone system travel anywhere you want to go.

With IP User Mobility, your profile and customizations on the company phone system are portable—not tied to a network port, device or physical location. Suppose you are traveling to a branch office and need to use an extension there for the day. No problem. Just log that phone out, and enter your extension and password. This IP telephone now assumes your profile—becomes yours as far as the phone system knows, until you log out. You can be as fully productive and accessible as when you are at your desk.

Synchronize your cell phone and desktop phone.

With “Find-me, Follow-me,” you tell the system when you want calls to your office extension to go directly to your smartphone (or any other telephone number). You see the caller ID, but the caller sees only your business number. And with Twinning, incoming calls ring simultaneously on both your office phone and cell phone—simultaneously or sequentially, to ensure you can always be reached. Both features are easy to turn on and off.

With all these mobility options, you don’t have to worry about missing important calls. And people trying to reach you don’t have to track separate numbers for your office, home office and mobile phones.

On-Premise Wireless Made Easy

With in-building wireless, you can take your desktop phone features with you as you attend meetings or attend to customers or patients, as you stock the shelves or the production line, or as you resolve issues or prepare guest rooms. Your desktop phone profile and features are right at hand on rugged wireless handsets with large color displays. Going wireless is much easier than you might think—and more affordable than ever. Toshiba offers a choice of on-premise wireless options for your Strata® CIX,™ IPedge® and VIPedge™ systems.

In-building Mobility Using SIP DECT Base StationsScreen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.50.53 PM

One popular approach— affordable for even the smallest sites—is to install compact base stations that use DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology over your standard Ethernet LAN, working with Toshiba IP4100 cordless phones. In a typical office setting, bases would be about 80′ apart and provide coverage for up to 300′ in a clear environment. Calls hop seamlessly between base units. The DECT protocol prevents eavesdropping by packet sniffers and doesn’t interfere with other wireless services, such as Bluetooth, ® Wi-Fi® or cellular services. You can start with as little as one base station and three phones with chargers. Then grow as you go. You can register up to 30 handsets to a single base station, up to 40 base stations per system, up to 200 handsets total. Each base station supports multiple calls, so if several people in a conference room use their phones at once, everybody will have clear talk, no static.

In-building Mobility Over Wi-Fi Polycom™

SpectraLink 8400 wireless phones extend the reach of the Toshiba phone system over your facility’s Wi-Fi network. There’s no need to install or manage a separate network or gateway; the handsets integrate directly to the phone system. SpectraLink handsets combine mobile phone, pager, two-way radio, barcode reader, Web browser and voice-recognition badge into one lightweight, ergonomic device. Think of it as a desk phone in the hand, with high-definition voice quality and full duplex sound for clear conversations.

Mobility Endpoints for Every Need

Endpoints for On-Premise Mobility

Lightweight, simple-to-use and ergonomic handsets tie directly into Toshiba’s on-premise phone systems to provide high-definition voice quality for clear conversations. Wireless SIP DECT IP4100 Phones provide cost-effective, in-building mobility using DECT base stations. These handsets have large color displays and backlit keypads, lithium ion batteries for long service time, programmable soft keys and buttons, and more. For wider coverage, Polycom SpectraLink Phones provide secure, in-building mobility over your facility’s Wi-Fi® network, fully integrated with Toshiba’s on-premise phone systems. Cordless Telephones provide an affordable option for staying on the line while not sitting at your desk. You can even switch between your cordless and digital desk telephones during a call.

Endpoints for On- or Off-Premise Mobility

Free applications available from app stores enable your Apple® iOS and Android™ smartphone devices to serve as extensions of your Toshiba IP phone system, while concealing your cell phone number.

Equipped with softphone client software, a laptop or notebook computer can serve as an extension of your Toshiba phone system. Soft phones are ideal for road warriors who connect through the Internet from hotel rooms, conference centers or other remote locations.

The Call Manager® Standard and Call Manager Advanced applications that integrate your desktop PC into the phone system can also be used with your laptop from anywhere.

Your Smartphone Phone Extension

For Toshiba IPedge or Strata CIX phone systems

A downloadable free app enables your Apple iOS or Android smartphone to serve as a business extension. Just give out one number—your office number—and incoming calls ring on both your desk phone and smartphone, either sequentially or simultaneously.

When the IPMobility app is activated, outgoing calls go through the phone system, which finds the least-cost routing option and displays only your office phone caller ID to the caller. You have access to advanced system features such as extension dialing, visual voice mail, call transfer, call record and more.

For VIPedge cloud-based telephone solutions

Toshiba’s Call Manager Mobile application enables you to take your office calls, instant messages and visual voice mail on your Apple or Android smartphone. You can have multiple IM sessions open, and send messages to a group (or to everybody) to speed communications.Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.55.41 PM

Even though the phone system is in the cloud, it knows who’s busy and who’s available, so it’s easy for colleagues to know when they can connect.

Using IPMobility or Call Manager Mobile features doesn’t impede your ability to utilize your smartphone’s native features, contacts and voice mail. If you don’t activate the Toshiba mobility app by dialing its extension or selecting it from your contact list, the phone performs like a typical smartphone.

For all Toshiba phone systems

With “Find-me, Follow-me,” You can have calls to your office number go directly to your smartphone or ring both your smartphone and desk phone. You don’t have to buy or download anything to take advantage of the “Find-me, Follow-me” and Twinning features. They come with your Toshiba phone system, and you can activate them at will. You can download the free IPMobility and Call Manager Mobile apps from the Apple App Store and Google® Play App Store or visit