IPedge Pure IP Business Telephone Systems


IPedge —The Right Call for Your Business

Sophisticated IP communications made easy and affordable.

Your communications system is more than connecting with colleagues, customers and vendors. It also projects a positive image, sending a message about the organization’s efficiency, productivity and professionalism. With the IPedge® communication systema, every location can present a cohesive, enterprise-class face to the world. The IPedge system uses your IP network for call processing and administration, which offers huge advantages over traditional business phone systems. With IP communications, you get:

  • One network to do the work of two, which means less equipment, less cost and simpler administration.
  • The power for users to access, personalize and control their communications, wherever they are.
  • New capabilities, such as unified communications, which seamlessly blends various forms of communication, and “Find-Me, Follow-Me,” whereby incoming calls ring on both your desk phone and cell phone.

The IPedge system puts these advantages to work for your organization, to minimize total cost of ownership and maximize return on investment.

High Performance for Your Business

Dozens of productivity and convenience features, right out of the box.

IPedge system comes packed with features, right out of the box.* These robust systems support call processing, voice mail and unified messaging, central system administration, and Call Manager® unified communications. IPedge systems also include meet-me conferencing with web collaboration and video.

Give every caller instant attention and access to information.

User-friendly telephones and add-on modules make it easy and intuitive to manage incoming calls, or let the automated attendant do it for you. To further enhance automated call answering, a powerful customization tool takes interactive voice response (IVR) to a new level. The system can greet callers with your custom announcements, give out information or route calls based on caller responses to prompts, announce the caller’s name for call screening, play music or announcements on hold, record messages to voice mail and more.

Transform voice mail into a true time-saving and productivity tool.

Flexible voice mail capabilities can be tailored to each user’s needs. IP telephones, with display and soft keys, make it easy to manage and listen to the contents of your voice mailbox— or even to record calls. With unified messaging options, you can manage voice mail, fax and email messages from your PC or telephone. With Visual Voice Mail, you can manage voice mail messages on your smartphone screen.

Combine your computer and telephone into one powerful communication tool.

With Call Manager unified communications, you can click to dial, answer, transfer calls, and more—without ever picking up the phone’s handset. See the current status of co-workers, quickly share information, and serve customers more effectively through an intuitive interface.

*Not all applications are available on all IPedge systems. Please contact your Authorized Dealer for full details.

IP for Demanding and Dynamic Environments

As your business needs change, IPedge systems grow with you.

Mobility Offers More Than Just Savings

Communicate away from your desk, at home or on the road.

The workplace might be an airport gate area one day, a trade show booth the next, and home or a Wi-Fi® hot spot the next day. With IPedge, ® you can be as productive and accessible as if you were at your desk.

Use a smartphone work as a business phone extension.

The IPMobility client app enables your Apple® iOS™ or Android™ smartphone to serve as a business extension. Just give out one number—your office number—and incoming calls will ring on both your desk phone and smartphone, either sequentially or simultaneously.

Have IPedge calls find you at home or on the road.

With the “Find-me, Follow-me” feature, standard on IPedge, you tell the system when you want calls to your office extension to go directly to your smartphone (or any other number). You see the incoming caller ID, but the caller sees only your business number. And Twinning allows incoming calls to ring simultaneously on both your office phone and smartphone. Both features are easy to turn on and off.

Stay in touch through your company’s wireless LAN.

With wireless IP telephones or laptops/tablets equipped as softphones, you can answer calls, access voice mail and use virtually all the system’s advanced calling features anywhere within the reach of your wireless local area network (WLAN)—or via Internet access to your WLAN. SIP DECT phones provide surprisingly affordable and secure in-building wireless suitable for up to 200 handsets per system.

Contact Center for Any-Sized Business

Improve customer satisfaction with quick, efficient and cost-effective service.

The Contact Center Suite offers sophisticated capabilities that are easy to use and practical for any organization to implement, such as the ability to:

  • Route calls based on your criteria to the people with the right skill set.
  • Balance incoming calls evenly among staff.
  • Provide announcements as to expected hold time and place in queue.
  • Establish priority queuing to answer the most important calls first.

Create multi-site contact centers that work as one.

Call center agents can be anywhere. The automated call distribution (ACD) application treats multiple locations as one system. The system checks agent status in other locations before routing to those agents. Call Manager® functions such as presence status and Chat extend over the network.

Communicate with customers on their terms.

Website visitors can initiate a text chat session with a contact center agent or request an automatic callback when an agent becomes available. These capabilities can help improve customer access to the contact center and provide better service, while reducing hold times and operating costs.

Manage a better call center with data-driven insights.

Call statistics and management reports on everything from agent performance to forecasting tools and scheduled reports are conveniently accessible from anywhere via a browser-based interface.

Empower agents to provide superior service.

The optional Call Manager application puts call-handling features and Chat capabilities onto a graphical PC interface, which is ideal for high-volume agents. Get screen pops on incoming calls through integration with popular customer relationship management programs such as SalesForce.com, Act!,® Microsoft® Outlook™ and others. Record. Store. Relax. Call recording and logging systems can help improve your operations, from training and quality control to customer service. Record, store, organize, and play back calls to avoid communication disputes that can result in business liabilities.

Stronger Connections With Customers and Colleagues


Easy to Install, Easy to Manage

One server, one network, centralized administration, powerful features—what could be simpler?

The IPedge® system comes with many valuable applications pre-installed.* It can be free standing or installed in a standard 19″ equipment rack. The IPedge needs only one static IP address to connect all the telephones to the network, which makes for cost-effective deployment.

Match the endpoint to the user.

Choose from IP desk and wall-mountable telephones, notebook computers equipped to perform as soft phones, wireless IP telephones for use over your wireless LAN and/or your cellular service, add-on modules, attendant consoles and door phones. You can even use Apple® iOS and Android™ smartphones as system extensions.

Manage the communications system from anywhere.

The browser-based management software is built into the IPedge; no special software is required on the administrator’s PC. Whether you have a single site or multi-site configuration, you can securely view all the IPedge systems in the enterprise and all the stations connected to each server in one consolidated view. Centralized management of all locations is more efficient, consistent and eliminates database errors between network nodes making administration easy.

Empower employees to program their own telephones.

Using a PC and Web browser—no special software required— users can program their own speed dial and feature buttons, personalize telephone functions such as Do Not Disturb, and even set the name on their LCD displays. Without relying on the system administrator, everybody can customize their telephones based on the features they use the most.

Rest easy with industry standards.

IPedge is built on open industry standards, such as Linux® for high scalability and stronger security than many other operating systems. Open standards are your assurance that your communications system will support future applications and endpoint devices. Your investment is protected.

Expand on demand.

You can network multiple IPedge systems together to unify separate locations into one system or to dramatically expand capacity. Three server sizes are available: the IPedge EP for up to 40 users, the IPedge EC for up to 200 users, and the IPedge EM for up to 1,000 users.

Count on IPedge for business continuity.

If there’s ever a hardware or network problem, IP telephones can fail over to an additional IPedge server at another location, within or across the network.

Gain the advantages of SIP trunking.

IPedge servers connect directly to SIP trunks, with no gateway required. It has certified compatibility with SIP trunk service providers nationwide, so it’s easy to take advantage of the flexibility, bandwidth efficiency and cost savings of SIP connections to your service provider. You can connect to the public network through analog and digital T1/PRI trunks using gateways.

Powerful features, high-value applications, flexibility, and ease of management—all included in the IPedge system— add up to lower long term cost of ownership.

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